Anglican Church of South Sudan

Refugee Camps

God’s Message goes to refugee camps in northern Uganda

ADJUMANI - Uganda is the ninth largest refugee hosting country in the world, Neimah Warsame , the UNHCR country representative in the country said two years back. Thank you for your interest in supporting the Gospel of Kingdom! Your financial contributions provide an immediate answer to the most pressing needs for ministry, for outreach, and for evangelism. Supporting one of the following ranges of activities will make it possible for The Anglican Church of South Sudan to reach borders that are beyond our ministries. Your gifts help us overcome the everyday challenges that stand between our future vision and our present reality

On Alere’s refugee outpost: I am now on the Alere settlement, which is just few miles from Adjumani district.

Sudanese have run to neighboring countries in the region, half of that population located in Uganda. To a greater extent, two-thirds of South Sudanese refugees living in Uganda have arrived since the outbreak of violence in Juba December 15, 2013, through July 2016. Currently, the influx shows little sign of abating, with more than 116,000 South Sudanese refugees having fled to Uganda in 2017 alone.
Relief organizations are are trying to increase their response to the humanitarian emergency in Adjumani Western Nile. Jesse Kamstra, the country representative of The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in Uganda, asks angrily,” How many people have to die until the international community wakes up?”

Elijah in OLUA II refugee camp site outside Pakele:  Bishop Elijah Arok revisited Alere, Olua I &II, Nyumanzi I& II and Ayilo I &II refugee camps where he also interacted with the local Church leaders.

Gospel to the Children in Nyumazi II: Children love to be saved can grasp the concept of coming to Christ with an obedient heart, and letting Christ be LORD in their lives.

Gospel to the refugee: Elijah Arok’s sharing Good News with Refugees and asylum-seekers from South Sudan in AYILO II

An unfinished Church building in Alere: South Sudanese refugees’ church officials have welcomed Bishop Elijah’s missionary teams at Alere on Saturday, February 11, 2017.  Refugees at Alere’s settlements, saying they are happy to received Good News.